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Mistress Nyx, a self-confessed, life-long sexual deviant and adept governor of men, is a highly experienced, devilishly imaginative and talented lifestyle pervert, covering virtually all aspects of Domination, ranging from sensual teasing to more heavy and extreme play…

She will seduce you into submission; Her object of control; Her entertainment.. A mere commodity to be used by Mistress to satisfy her ever-growing lust for kink and cruelty. Stripped of your clothes, your autonomy, your identity and, as a by-product, whatever remnants of selfhood remains, will find itself in a tailspin of emotions: excitement, arousal , fear, apprehension; until finally, a trembling heap of what used to be a man, left quivering in post orgasmic bliss. Euphoric. Mind blown. Mistress’s work complete!

There is always chemistry between myself and my playthings. No two Domme/ sub relationships are the same, therefore all sessions are completely different.

Like all relationships, over time, more trust and confidence ensues. This cuts both ways. As the BDSM relationship evolves, deeper and darker territory may be explored . Higher realms of ecstasy are achieved as you are temporarily elevated to different spheres of kinky reality.

Not everyone is a submissive or a slave. Some I refer to as ‘bottoms’ who generally enjoy the physical sensations associated with BDSM play, as opposed to the subservience and psychological aspects.. That’s fine, I’m happy to play with you too.

You should have concluded by now that I am a highly reputable Mistress. I pride myself on being a safe and sane (ish) practitioner. I do nothing without prior consent. When you visit a Dominatrix, you are essentially placing your welfare in their hands. I practise good judgment. I am told I am one of the best Manchester Mistresses.

Manchester Mistress



Manchester Mistress

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