• Manchester Mistress

I love role-play and psycho-bitch is just one of My personas.

Who is this psychotic-sado? She is a mentally unstable femme fatale. One minute she’s sensual and the next… girl gone schizo.. Seduced into her sick world..
manipulated into submission.

Highly and dangerously intelligent. Multiple personalities that often confuse fantasy with reality.  Crazy bitch with ‘daddy issues’..

Psycho girl-friend.
Master manipulator of men.
Extreme humiliatrix.
An escapee from a psychiatric hospital.
Psycho nurse who mutilates your genitals because she wants you to be a girl.
Caning you till you bleed.

This hell-bitch goes to the extreme..

Heavy psychological torture. Intense and very real role-play.
Heavy physical torture

She will hunt you down on outdoor kidnaps.
She will brutally and very publically humiliate you..
Crippling you with shame and embarrassment.
Blackmailing you to the point of financial and social ruin.

This bitch really doesn’t give a damn

I glean sadistic pleasure from terrorising you to the point of wetting yourself with fear, without even touching a hair on your head.

I like to make your life a living hell. It turns Me on.

Should I go on?

If you require verification of my psycho credentials. I could contact my ex- husband
but a court order says I mustn’t.

Manchester Mistress


Manchester Mistress



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