• Manchester Mistress

manchester mistress Psycho Bitch

What makes my premises truly unique is my austere cellar dungeon, for that true

kidnap /overnight or long term imprisonment /  asylum experience.

manchester mistress, imprisonment


The surroundings provide for a dramatic and very real encounter with ‘Psycho-Bitch’, ‘Dr. Disturbia,’ ‘Matron’, or whatever dark pesonality Manchester Mistress Nyx maniufests. She who will immerse you into her dark world and subject you to fear and psychological delirium.





Manchester mistress kidnap


Manchester Mistress kidnap

I  have an ever-growing collection of medieval torture and interrogation devices

Authentic medieval genital pillory stand,  so you are truly bound to that spot; Scold’s Bridle, tongue clamp; thumb clamps; stocks and pillory; plenty  of shackles, metal bondage, chains, heavy iron ball and chain, and device bondage equipment. This raw environment really excites me and I have my eye on even more historical punishment devices.

Medieval stretching rack coming soon.

Manchester Mistress Kidnap

For extended incarceration I have a hospital bed, and a cage built into the recess for that Draconian Asylum experience.

Manchester Mistress incarceration


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This is one of the best manchester mistresses. She is a top kidnap manchester mistress, and a manchester dominatrix unlike any other. So many manchester mistresses to choose from now, but in my opinion manchester mistress nyx is the ultimate professional manchester dominatrix. I will always visit this mistress in manchester. She provides the best manchester mistress experience. One of the few manchester mistresses with her own private premises and probably the only manchester mistress with this authentic cellar dungeon experience. This manchester dominatrix is domination incarnate. A latex and rubber manchester mistress, as well as skilled medical manchester mistress.