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Manchester Dominatrix medical

Manchester Mistress Medical

Manchester Mistress Enema

Medical room with gynae chair. I am the only Manchester Mistress with a fully tiled authentic white room complete with en suite bathroom for that truly atmospheric clinical experience.

Couple this with a highly skilled kinky medical practitioner, and with my variety of equipment and versatility, I am a medical fetishists dream come  true:

Five different types of enema:

Gravity enema

Higgins enema

Double ballon enema- to ensure you hold your enema fluid in

Douche/ bulb enema

Butt plug enema with funnel- for a ‘champagne’ enema straight from the source; or any other cocktail of your (My!) choosing.

Manchester Mistresses Medical

Manchester Mistresses Medical

A variety of breath play equipment: tubes, hoods, re-breather bags, aroma administration pumps, anaesthesia masks

Medical gags: Jennings, Doyen, Ring, latex inflatable gags.

Every medical anal implement you can think of including a variety of anal speculums; various urethral sounds- vibrating and electrical.

Needles, syringes, saline

Urinary catheters

Venflon and Saline etc for scrotal infusions

Suture kits


Bizarre and amazing cbt devices

Suction pumps

Rubber / latex suits

A whole array of specialist dental equipment for the dental fetishist..

And the list goes on…













































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Manchester Mistress Nyx is a highly skilled Manchester Mistress. Of all the Manchester Mistresses she quite possibly has the most experience. She is a Manchester Dominatrix with a genuine medical fetish and this is why this manchester Mistress loves the whole medical scene. She is certainly one of the best Manchester  Mistress. I must say, Manchester Mistresses don’t seem to come more versatile than this Manchester Mistress. I do feel this Manchester dominatrix is in a league of her own.