• Manchester Mistress

I have resumed sessioning, albeit with precautions. If you pass my screening questionnaire and meet my criteria, I am happy to see you. Please contact for more details.

Other than conducting sessions and living with two slaves, I still social distance when not working. I do not use public transport or taxis as of yet.

Please be assured I have a strict infection control protocol.

Prior to any session, the entire premises are sanitised.

When you arrive for a session, you remove your shoes in the porch. I sanitise your hands with hand gel, and take your temperature.

Even though you may feel well, if your temperature is above 37 degrees celsius, I would have to ask you to leave. Just above 37 degrees is not a fever, however, I must err on the side of caution; I have a duty to keep my clients safe as I possibly can

If you feel you might cough or sneeze for any reason, please postpone your visit.

The outfit I have worn for a session will be washed before being worn again.

Masks are not compulsory , but I will wear one upon request. Likewise, you are welcome to wear a mask if it makes you feel more comfortable.