• Manchester Mistress

Manchester Mistress Feminization

A sissy boudoir / x-dresser’s paradise, complete with an infinite and ever-growing array of adult baby / sissy / feminization clothing, lingerie etc.

This Manchester Mistress is constantly addding to the X-dre.ssers and sissies wardrobe.

Items include:

  • Lingerie, including vintage.
  • Lots of latex catsuits, latex catsuits with inflatable boobs, rubber dresses, rubber stockings, suspenders, panties. You name it, this Manchester Dominatrix has it.
  • Pvc dresses, underwear, catsuits.
  • Satin.
  • Nylon for those of you with a nylon fetish
  • Plastic outfits and dresses.
  • Frilly sissy dresses, bonnets, mincing ribbons, sissy underwear etc. This Manchester Boudoir is a sissy paradise.
  • Huge collection of shoes; adult baby Mary Janes, pink sissy ballet boots, black ballet boots, stiletto heels, thigh boots.
  • huge collection of wigs of varying lengths and different colours
  • And much more…

The sissy boudoir also has a make-up room, complete with make-up station, large Hollywood make-up mirror, and comfy white chair which you can be bound to whilst I’m forcefully applying make-up to you. This room also has a full length vintage mirror so you can see yourself in all your feminine glory when this Manchester Mistress has transformed.

Manchester Mistress Nyx loves trans girls. She is even learning professional make-up skills to enhance her talent and passion for transforming males into something more feminine.

Manchester Dominatrix sissies

Manchester Mistress feminisation