09Jun 2019

Greetings filth,

Your supreme kinky lifestyle pervert is back…

After a rather  long hiatus.

Just as mysteriously as I disappeared..

I have enigmatically re-appeared.

What happened? Where have I been? What’s been going on?  Why have I come back?

I’ll give you more info later..

I feel I owe an explanation.

A lot of you were very loyal and dedicated,

Many of you were concerned and very kind.

I was touched by this benevolence.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to write a poem..

Or ode to a slave.

But credit where credit is due.

Some of you worthless, gutless little shits..

Are worth your weight in gold.

(But you’re still spineless little shits).

Rest assured you’ll be seeing an awful lot more of me..

Whether you like it or not.

I thank you.

Manchester Misress Nyx.

07946 075501

11Jun 2019

Greetings, fellow perverts,

Mistress has well and truly fallen back in love with Domination.

I had no intention of coming back. That’s why I sold all my equipment about three years ago.

I was really ill.  Took me a long time to recover.

At the time, it absolutely killed all desire for anything BDSM related.

I could never do something just for the money.

I had well and truly drawn a line under my kinky career.  Mistress Nyx was effectively dead..

Well actually that’s not entirely true.

Never fully lost my interest in trannies..

Spotting a hot tranny in a crowd would pique my interest.

I also appear to have an entrenched medical fetish.

Medical hospitals still did it for me no matter how ill I was.

And I never lost my assertiveness..

Even at my worst, although I felt feeble..

I am told, I was still a formidable force.

So, notwithstanding trannies and medical, I had an aversion to anything associated with BDSM..

Until about 6-7 months ago.

Not sure what triggered it..

Probably the banal monotony of vanilla life.

But you know those fleeting ‘thoughts’ and ‘feelings‘ you get.. ?

You know what I’m talking about.

I tried to ignore them and push them aside,

But they kept getting stronger.

I found myself wanting to look at my old Nyx session pics..

But resisted. I somehow knew that there would be no going back once I did.

It was almost as if I had sworn a pledge to myself three years ago, to never return to this kinky career..

And I was desperately trying to honour that pledge.

But come month 3 or 4, I was even dreaming about buying new premises.

Then, shortly after, I just could not stop myself from looking through my old movies.

That was it!

I craved to be there again in my cellar dungeon..

Interrogating and waterboarding my kidnap victim..

Torturing, humiliating and forcing my puppy to eat dog food whilst I kicked it’s chastity encaged genitals.

I felt alive again.

I keep looking at rubber inflatable sleep sacks and re-breather hoods  on the internet.

I’ve already started buying sissy clothes and rubber slut clothing.

The urges are strong..

Almost as if they’re making up for lost time.

Thank goodness I have you..

And my live-in rubber sissy slave, veronica..

She no longer has to hide her rubber panties and wank in secret.

She is now forced to do it in front of Mistress, after her daily caning.

I thank you.

Manchester Mistress Nyx

07946 075501







11Jun 2019

Greetings, law breakers,

A lot’s changed since I last worked.

The prohibition of uploading anything vaguely pornographic has been enforced.


In the spirit of law abidance and decency..

I have edited my session pic accordingly.

I thank you.

Manchester Mistress Nyx

13Jun 2019

Greetings, kinky alumni,

Mistress has a blister  on the palm of her  hand..

From yanking..

(I said yanking)..

A naughty adult schoolboy over her knee and spanking him to within an inch of his life…

For trying to fondle Mistress’s breasts …

And stocking and suspender clad thighs

Once the squirming and wriggling became too much..

He was drugged..



And f*cked.

I thank you.

Manchester Mistress Nyx









17Jun 2019

Greetings, sweaty Bettys,

My name is Nyx,

And I am an addict..

A BDSM / fetish addict.

I have been on a spending spree.

I have bought so many items, I cannot even remember everything I have bought.

My recently purchased items will probably arrive in about six weeks

But I am giving you a wee sneak preview of  two or three  items.


Rubber latex Puppy dog hood.  An essential for those of you requiring obedience training.


Inflatable boob catsuit..

plus matching rubber latex corsets..

For you rubber slut t-girls and trannies.








PVC sissy dresses, sissy plastic dresses, pink frilly satin dresses, and rubber dresses.

Four to six weeks we have to wait…

It’s like an advent countdown to Christmas.

I am so excited!

(I really should get out more).

I thank you.

Manchester Mistress Nyx

07946 075501

One of the best Manchester Mistresses