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Fear not, nervous novices. I was a psychiatric nurse in a previous life. I understand how daunting and intimidating it might feel to visit a Mistress for the first time. If you are a nervous wreck when you arrive, I will handle you with kid gloves and treat you with deserved compassion. Some of you just need mothering to start with.

Prior to each session, I conduct an in-depth consultation. This can take up to about half an hour. No matter how long it takes, it does not count towards your session time. My questions are wide and varied. I am also observing you. I want to know exactly what makes you tick. My style of control is very intuitive and sometimes sessions, once they’ve started, veer off into a completely different direction to that which was discussed, depending on the vibe and cues I detect from my plaything. You will find I am very perceptive.

I like to familiarise myself with your interests and kinks to enable me to truly get inside your head and blow your mind to smithereens.

The session is essentially tailor-made to the client (or couple). Paradoxical? Perhaps. However once the session begins I put my own spin on things.

Post session feedback is welcomed. I like to know what you really enjoyed; the activities that did nothing for you (if any), and so on, All this in order to tweak and fine tune any future sessions we may have together.

My work doesn’t just gratify me. It truly is a work of art on many levels.

Manchester Mistress


Manchester Mistress



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