• Manchester Mistress

Manchester Mistressess, spanking

Manchester Mistress, caning

These few photos of my domestic sessions do not do the room justice.  Better photos to follow.

A study /domestic room for those who want to experience domination in a much softer, homely environment, or for those who want a more authentic ‘Headmistress’ school scenario.

The room is complete with authentic writing desk, luxurious antique chaise longue, and vintage rug. For the cp  and spanking enthusiast, I possess a spanking horse, and plethora of high quality corporal punishment implements from Tanners and Quality Control (amongst other purveyors) including various tawses, prison straps, paddles etc , various floggers with varying severity, and many canes: rattan; dragon; school cane; delrin; and fibre glass canes.

I too am a disciplinarian and cp enthusiast, hence my alter ego Miss Ferula Thrash. I love full force caning, and I strike your bottom with accuracy.

Manchester Dominatrix, caning

Manchester Mistress caning, cp






























































































































































































































































































































































































































































Manchester Mistress Nyx is also a disciplinarian. This manchester disciplinarian is a full force accurate caning specialist. This manchester dominatrix loves spanking, caning and cp and it certainly shows in her sessions. She is one of the very versatile manchester mistresses. make sure you visit this mistress in manchester.