19Jul 2019


Greetings, sissy faggots,

Pictured is the newly ordered humiliator gag.

As my fully trained sissy maid, you are merely an object to be used

And abused..

Corrected and punished.

Pictured gag should arrive by next week…

Along with many other humiliating attachments.

I thank you

Manchester Mistress Nyx

07946 075501


Manchester Nanny Eva

One of the best adult baby service providers and sissy makeover specialists

One of the best Manchester Mistresses

Manchester sissification



03Jul 2019

Greetings, minions.

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Pictured slut was in chastity when she arrived..

She was sissified..




And three hours later, after being erotically teased to death..

(And I mean teased)..

She was dismissed..

Still in chastity.

Genitals aching..

And very sore pussy hole.

I thank you.

Manchester Mistress Nyx

07946 075501

One of the best Manchester Mistresses.


24Jun 2019

Greetings, white trash.

Pictured sissy slut is veronica (no not my personal live-in maid), another crack whore..

Begging for verbal and sexual cruelty.

First she was transformed.

Make-up applied..

Wig donned.

I wish I could tell you I revamped her into something pretty..

But I don’t have a magic wand.

A thorough fisting and strap on rodgering..

Left her pussy hole gaping like the Grand Canyon.

I thank you.

Manchester Mistress Nyx

07946 075501

One of the best Manchester Mistresses.


21Jun 2019

Greetings, t-girls and other sluts,

Could you put your mirrors down for a second..

Mistress has an announcement.

Five pairs of tranny shoes in male sizes  9-13, plus one pair of high high rubber boots have arrived.

I am more than happy to feminise you girly wannabees..

And unwilling victims needing humiliation.

I am not a trained make-up artist.

But I certainly have the skill to transform you into something more pleasing to Mistress.

I can’t polish a turd..

But I can role it in glitter.

I thank you.

Manchester Mistress Nyx

07946 075501

one of the best Manchester Mistresses.

A superlative Manchester Dominatrix

17Jun 2019

Greetings, sweaty Bettys,

My name is Nyx,

And I am an addict..

A BDSM / fetish addict.

I have been on a spending spree.

I have bought so many items, I cannot even remember everything I have bought.

My recently purchased items will probably arrive in about six weeks

But I am giving you a wee sneak preview of  two or three  items.


Rubber latex Puppy dog hood.  An essential for those of you requiring obedience training.


Inflatable boob catsuit..

plus matching rubber latex corsets..

For you rubber slut t-girls and trannies.








PVC sissy dresses, sissy plastic dresses, pink frilly satin dresses, and rubber dresses.

Four to six weeks we have to wait…

It’s like an advent countdown to Christmas.

I am so excited!

(I really should get out more).

I thank you.

Manchester Mistress Nyx

07946 075501

One of the best Manchester Mistresses