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Greetings, flawed human beings. I finally have a new laptop that I’m happy with. Website in dire need of updating. I of course have my own play space in Stretford , Manchester (since October) So first on the update hit list will be ‘Premises’ page. Manchester MistressNyx 07946 075501     Top Mistresses in Manchester. […]

Greetings, toe rags, Just a quick blog to countervail the harshness of the previous blog. Don’t worry little ones.. I’m not cross with you. Mummy’s had her Prozac. Manchester Mistress Nyx aka 07946 075501 Manchester Mistress Nyx. One of the best Manchester adult baby Nannies. A Manchester Dominatrix extraordinaire. One of the best Manchester […]

Greetings, doormats, I like most of my visitors. But like the pictured chicken-livered excuse of a male.. Some of you are so unworthy you are permitted to be in the presence of this Manchester Dominatrix… Only if you pay. Let me tell you now, the financial nemuneration is purely for sharing the same air.. It […]

Greetings, minions, I am delighted the nights are rapidly drawing in. With each day that passes, I am exposed to less and less sunlight. Before you know it, it will be Halloween. Personally, I can’t wait.. It’s the one day of the year where I am actually not vilified for frightening small children. I thank […]

Greetings, wasters, Be good girls and  follow my 2 twitter accounts: NannyEva1 ManchesterNyx You get to see pics and clips every day.. free! Following, liking and retweeting greatly support your Mistress and her alter ego, Nanny Eva I am thinking about buying a caravan.. And setting up a mobile dungeon. I’ll be calling it.. ‘Trailer […]

SISSY MAID TRAINING Greetings, sissy faggots, Pictured is the newly ordered humiliator gag. As my fully trained sissy maid, you are merely an object to be used And abused.. Corrected and punished. Pictured gag should arrive by next week… Along with many other humiliating attachments. I thank you Manchester Mistress Nyx 07946 075501 aka Manchester […]