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Greetings, minions, I am delighted the nights are rapidly drawing in. With each day that passes, I am exposed to less and less sunlight. Before you know it, it will be Halloween. Personally, I can’t wait.. It’s the one day of the year where I am actually not vilified for frightening small children. I thank […]

Greetings, wasters, Be good girls and  follow my 2 twitter accounts: NannyEva1 ManchesterNyx You get to see pics and clips every day.. free! Following, liking and retweeting greatly support your Mistress and her alter ego, Nanny Eva I am thinking about buying a caravan.. And setting up a mobile dungeon. I’ll be calling it.. ‘Trailer […]

SISSY MAID TRAINING Greetings, sissy faggots, Pictured is the newly ordered humiliator gag. As my fully trained sissy maid, you are merely an object to be used And abused.. Corrected and punished. Pictured gag should arrive by next week… Along with many other humiliating attachments. I thank you Manchester Mistress Nyx 07946 075501 aka Manchester […]

Greetings, warty whores, More free clips on twitter. See link at top of page next to phone number. I will eventually be doing a Psycho-Bitch Site. All in good time. There’s also a raunchy lesbian version.. Psycho-Butch. I thank you. Manchester Mistress Nyx Aka Nanny Eva (website coming soon) Aka Psycho-Bitch 07946 075501 One of […]

Greetings, sycophants, Go see free film clips on my twitter. Link next to tel. no. at top of page. Mistress is feeling a little bit rough today. Don’t remember much about Saturday night.. But there was an empty bottle of absinthe laying on the floor. Apparently a good time was had by all. I’m not […]

Greetings, bitches, Be afraid.. Be very afraid I am planning to  grace the city of Leeds with My presence. I will be visiting My good friend, colleague and fellow sadist.. Mistress Firefly! To make it really special we will be teaming up.. And committing crimes against men.. Just for kicks.. (and punches) Will be in […]