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Greetings, warty whores, More free clips on twitter. See link at top of page next to phone number. I will eventually be doing a Psycho-Bitch Site. All in good time. There’s also a raunchy lesbian version.. Psycho-Butch. I thank you. Manchester Mistress Nyx Aka Nanny Eva (website coming soon) Aka Psycho-Bitch 07946 075501 One of […]

Greetings, sycophants, Go see free film clips on my twitter. Link next to tel. no. at top of page. Mistress is feeling a little bit rough today. Don’t remember much about Saturday night.. But there was an empty bottle of absinthe laying on the floor. Apparently a good time was had by all. I’m not […]

Greetings, bitches, Be afraid.. Be very afraid I am planning to  grace the city of Leeds with My presence. I will be visiting My good friend, colleague and fellow sadist.. Mistress Firefly! To make it really special we will be teaming up.. And committing crimes against men.. Just for kicks.. (and punches) Will be in […]

Greetings victims, Available today from 6.30pm. Call or leave text if you wish to book a training session. Go see video clips on my twitter (see link at top of page next to tel. no). Worked very late last night.. Sissifying.. Drugging.. Confining.. And abusing. Not long rolled out of my coffin. Still waiting for […]

Greetings gimps, Today’s blog pic? Inflatable rubber bondage.. Breath play and smothering… Onto a different matter, I feel like I deserve a Krypton Factor award, or something. I am not at all technically-minded.. Completely phobic in fact. Never bought or downloaded an app in my life. But I have somehow managed to upload a clip, […]

Greetings, wishful thinkers, If you haven’t done so already, do follow me on twitter(link at top of page) I keep you up to date with what’s been going on in my perverted little life. Content is not the same as my blog. With twitter you get away with murder.. So you get to see my […]

Greetings, duffers, You want to serve Me? Prove yourself to me.. Like the pictured newby. It started to quiver and sob part way through hand spanking. This only spurred Me on to flog and cane My new toy. I love to hear a grown man cry. If you want to be helpful, then follow, like […]

Greetings, dirt bags, See blog pic? Mistress was absolutely craving.. And I mean craving for… The administration of Degradation.. Humiliation.. And Objectification. Didn’t particularly want a cigarette. I had barely finished My cigarette, when I was swiftly asked to vacate Morrisons  car park.. How rude! Do they know who I am?! I thank you. Manchester Mistress […]

Greetings, lepers, Pictured is another anal fisting slut and pain slut.. Thoroughly drugged up before he was abused. On a different matter.. I won’t be available for sessions this Saturday. I am visiting family.. Just for the day. Love them dearly and with all my heart.. But any longer than a day or two and […]