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Greetings, to the demimonde, Are you ready to have your limits stretched.. And your dignity shrunk? Come and get it then. I thank you. Manchester Mistress Nyx 07946 075501 One of the best Manchester Mistresses A superlative Manchester Dominatrix. One of the best Manchester Mistresses and dominatrix in Manchester like no other. One of the […]

Greetings, t-girls and other sluts, Could you put your mirrors down for a second.. Mistress has an announcement. Five pairs of tranny shoes in male sizes  9-13, plus one pair of high high rubber boots have arrived. I am more than happy to feminise you girly wannabees.. And unwilling victims needing humiliation. I am not […]

Greetings, space cadets. It would appear my TV is broken.. No, not the walking, talking, mincing kind. My television set, in the lounge. I don’t know if I want to get a new one I only ever have my tv on in my bedroom at night.. I put the horror channel on when I go […]

Greetings, sweaty Bettys, My name is Nyx, And I am an addict.. A BDSM / fetish addict. I have been on a spending spree. I have bought so many items, I cannot even remember everything I have bought. My recently purchased items will probably arrive in about six weeks But I am giving you a […]

Greetings, kinky alumni, Mistress has a blister  on the palm of her  hand.. From yanking.. (I said yanking).. A naughty adult schoolboy over her knee and spanking him to within an inch of his life… For trying to fondle Mistress’s breasts … And stocking and suspender clad thighs Once the squirming and wriggling became too much.. […]

Greetings, law breakers, A lot’s changed since I last worked. The prohibition of uploading anything vaguely pornographic has been enforced. So.. In the spirit of law abidance and decency.. I have edited my session pic accordingly. I thank you. Manchester Mistress Nyx Aka for your adult baby nursery, age play, sissy fetish.   One […]

Greetings, fellow perverts, Mistress has well and truly fallen back in love with Domination. I had no intention of coming back. That’s why I sold all my equipment about three years ago. I was really ill.  Took me a long time to recover. At the time, it absolutely killed all desire for anything BDSM related. I could […]

Greetings filth, Your supreme kinky lifestyle pervert is back… After a rather  long hiatus. Just as mysteriously as I disappeared.. I have enigmatically re-appeared. What happened? Where have I been? What’s been going on?  Why have I come back? I’ll give you more info later.. I feel I owe an explanation. A lot of you […]